#9: Trouble in the Middle East (WHAT???), North Korea and Trump Just Might End the Drug War


Welcome back! Tonight, Alex and Jordan discuss:

  • Trump moved the US Embassy to Jerusalem and now people are pissed.
  • Could Trump bring peace to the Korean Peninsula and end the drug war? If so, he deserves the Nobel Peace Prize
  • Why we all should resist a police state, because once it’s here, it’s never going away. History repeats itself
  • The nonsense we all grew up with that says, “People who do drugs are bad.” LIES. End the drug war now. NOW
  • How the best compromises are the ones you’ve never thought of; search for one that both of you can be truly excited about
  • Jordan attempts to imitate our President and fails

And oh so much more!

Enjoy my favorite short film of all time below! We can have peace some day!

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